Our Services

We give special consultation to ensure the best benefit for your insurance solution. Easiness, great service and your satisfaction are our commitment.

What are we doing to support you?

Initial Process

Take off period

On renewal process

Risk Identification

Facts finding process to determine occupation and level of the risk.

Insurance selection

Selection process of insurance companies with proper credibility and capacity.

Proper Advice

a. Design proper design with the need of clients.
b. Premium negotiation and covering extention.
c. Analyzing cost and benefit of the programs.
d. Recommendating and professional benchmarking.
e. Closing instruction on behalf of the clients.

Administration and claim asistance

a. Administration handling.
b. Claim handling.
c. Claim verification and process.
d. Claim payment monitoring.
e. Regular claim reporting.

Regular review meeting

Regular meeting with clients to update any changes of risk information.


Review meeting with clients within 2 months before end of policy period.


Analyzing benefit, problems issues and solutions of the programs.


Designing and advising the modification of policy subject to proper needs of client's program.

Provider selection process

Selection of insurance company with proper level of risk covering.

Closing instruction

Closing instruction on behalf of the clients for the renewal program.

Insurance Varieties In Our Expertise

General Insurance

Life and Health Insurance

Fire Insurance

Carriage Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Engineering Insurance

Money Insurance

Marine Hull Insurance

Earthquake Insurance

Property All Risk Insurance

Heavy Equipment Insurance

Health Insurance

Permanent Disability

Credit Life Insurance

Bancassurance Program

Life Insurance

Personal Accident

Travel Insurance